Monday, May 23, 2011

motivation... reverse the rapture

We are all familiar with those motivational posters with which our co-workers plaster their flimsy, 6x6x6' cubicle.

But, honestly, does your colleague really look like he's ready to conquer Everest? Is that poster really going to make you the top dog at your company? Shower you with bling? Rake in the billions? Bring you to total and complete world domination? I thought not. Despite fighting cynicism with purity of heart, generosity, devotion and all sorts of other sorts of integrity, I find that cynicism fights back... and often wins. And often is funny in the process. So maybe it motivates after all. In that vein, here are a bunch of alternative motivational posters... just in time for you to ponder as you wonder what the hell to do with your life now that the world didn't end.


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