Thursday, December 29, 2011

65 things to ask God if She exists

Another 65 lister!! It's been a while and this is long overdue. No real introduction necessary here. Title says it all.

1. What would you like to be called?
2. Are you omnipotent and all-knowing or, as Norman Mailer suggests in In God, a being in process and evolving along with humanity?
3. Why this planet?
4. Which religion, philosophy, or treatise depicts you the closest to who or what you really are?
5. Why is hate so easy and love so hard?
6. Do you listen to prayers?
7. If so, do you act on them?
8. Where did you come from?
9. Is morality really subjective or is that just a human mistake?
10. Is there a Heaven?
11. A Hell?
12. Why do so many religions do so much damage?
13. Does reincarnation exist?
14. Will I have to come back as a termite or an eel or a fruit fly?
15. What is the purpose of it all?
16. Does everything have a beginning?
17. What if I'm already dead?
18. How much of the Bible is true?
19. Can you be of any guidance to me?
20. Is hope an illusion?
21. Is there karma?
22. Does that have anything to do with you? Or is it something totally separate?
23. Why so many poisonous snakes?
24. Why is becoming pregnant so difficult for so many women?
25. Are we (humanity) moving in a direction... or just moving?
26. What does it mean that some people believe in you and others don't?
27. Do you care what we do here on earth?
28. If so, what would you most like to see happen?
29. Is technology, as Mailer suggests, an arm of the devil?
30. Is there a devil, or a corresponding, yet adversarial, evil force in the universe?
31. Does that evil just emanate from us?
32. Why are so many things just so sad?
33. Why do I feel confused so much of the time?
34. What is the secret to happiness?
35. Do you even know what human happiness is?
36. How much do you have your hands in everyday human life and events?
37. How do you feel about the fact that so many religions oppress women?
38. If the story about you, Satan, and Job is true.... why God... seriously why?
39. Does there have to be a battle between 'reason' and 'faith' or can we embrace both?
40. If you are merely an invention of us, then... well, then what?
41. Does trying matter or does only the end justify the means?
42. Why do so many people (including me) say they don't believe in you, but then when things are tough say things like, "God hates me"?
43. Are you emptiness or fullness?
44. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
45. Are we your only project?
46. Are we your worst project?
47. Why gravity? It's such a pain sometimes...
48. Why is religion, the tool with which we are meant to understand you and ourselves, one of our worst inventions?
49. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear, does it make a noise?
50. What is dark matter?
51. Is the purpose of life to ask questions?
52. If Fed Ex and UPS merged, would they call it Fed Up? (ok, that was just a lame joke... hehe)
53. Do you have a sense of humor?
54. Do you mind being asked the same things millions of times?
55. How much do you really know about or pay attention to each of us, individually, here on earth?
56. Why is it that when I try so hard sometimes, no one notices?
57. If one person can change the world, how come it is virtually impossible for one person to change a single other person?
58. How much is fate and how much free will?
59. What happened before the Big Bang? What was it like?
60. How many dimensions are there?
61. Is anything possible?
62. Is there Truth?
63. Is the deepest structure of the universe something that can be understood through mathematics or physics?
64. Are instincts so powerful for a good reason?
65. Where are you?

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