Wednesday, August 10, 2011

65 things to wonder about

1. I wonder why certain people really hate using their blinkers.

2. I wonder how to get from here to there.

3. I wonder why intercourse is a word for sex rather than something related to dining or driving. "Last night, the waiter served us the most amazing heirloom tomato salad for an intercourse."

4. I wonder whether I will get to read all of the books I want to read in my lifetime.

5. I wonder why we waste so much time when there is really so little time at all.

6. I wonder if governments will start monitoring our texts and tweets... "London Riots 2011: Protesters Use BlackBerry Messenger; Hackers Back Them"

7. I wonder what the percentage of technological advances used for "bad" purposes is.

8. I wonder how many terrible things that are brewing 'beneath the surface' will erupt into violence and disorder.

9. I wonder how much of life is motivated by inequalities of power.

10. I wonder what I will be when I grow up.

11. I wonder if I will ever "grow up."

12. I wonder if "growing up" completely is a good thing.

13. I wonder why Martha didn't create a more clever catchphrase than "it's a good thing."

14. I wonder why we deride the missteps of some (Amy Winehouse and Richard Hatch... remember him?), but forgive those of others (Martha Stewart and Kobe Bryant.)

15. I wonder how many people can actually truly and completely forgive.

16. I wonder which is better for the recipient... forgiveness or empathy.

17. I wonder why people say, "I can forgive you but I can never forget..." Of course you can't forget! Obviously, if it was something bad enough to require forgiveness, it must have hurt like hell.

18. I wonder why emotional pain is so physical.

19. I wonder why what made me so sad about the renovation of The Balsams Resort in Dixville Notch, NH was that they would probably get rid of the clinking radiators that used to put me to sleep when we stayed there.

20. I wonder why 'improving' things can be so upsetting to us.

21. I wonder why I've learned to love certain foods I hated as a child (tomatoes, eggs, salmon), but others still disgust me (peas, beets.)

22. I wonder what a miracle would really look like.

23. I wonder when the economy will improve.

24. I wonder when (or if) we will have another boom period like the 80s.

25. I wonder why standing on your head is so fun as a child and so frightening as an adult.

26. I wonder if I will ever be able to remember the name of that apple donut-type thing I used to eat at a bakery in Martha's Vineyard.

27. Oh wait! I think it's an apple fritter. Now if I could only remember where we got them...

28. I wonder why the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette hit me so hard.

29. I wonder why it's so hard to turn my brain off at night when all I want to do is sleep.

30. I wonder when bacon and chocolate became friends.

31. I wonder how it will all turn out.

32. I wonder why I love swimming but am terrified of open water.

33. I wonder why all pools don't use a saline purification system instead of chlorine and other toxic chemicals.

34. I wonder how many toxic chemicals we ingest daily without any knowledge.

35. I wonder why people at the gym have to spray that super strength disinfectant all over everyone around them rather than just on the machine.

36. I wonder why some people think gyms are social places.

37. I wonder how many long-term couples meet at gyms. ;-)

38. I wonder how many people can act truly selflessly.

39. I wonder if people who say "I promise I will change" can ever really change.

40. I wonder why people have to keep remaking films that were good in the first place -- Rear Window, Dirty Dancing, Psycho, Charade)

41. I wonder if we all think we can do it better than the other guy.

42. I wonder why people smoke.

43. I wonder why people hate.

44. I wonder why people spend so much of their lives angry.

45. I wonder how much of the "self" corresponds to the body.

46. I wonder why women ever try to put on lipstick while driving.

47. I wonder why people think there is a secret to happiness.

48. I wonder why happiness can be so hard and so fleeting.

49. I wonder what school will be like in 40 years.

50. I wonder what I will be like in 40 years.

51. I wonder why true love makes it hard to breathe.

52. I wonder how many married couples are really deeply in love with each other.

53. I wonder why people bother to get married if they don't feel that strongly.

54. I wonder what it will take to get my blog noticed.

55. I wonder how many alternate worlds I can imagine.

56. I wonder if they would actually be better places to live.

57. I wonder when I will get back to Venice.

58. I wonder why watching birds visit my feeder is so gratifying, so calming, so reassuring, so absorbing.

59. I wonder what happens to dreams we used to have.

60. I wonder why everyone doesn't believe in the possible.

61. I wonder what happens to all the feelings and thoughts of people who die.

62. I wonder why kids seem to have much better questions than adults.

63. I wonder why I wonder if I can when I know that I can.

64. I wonder how much doubt impedes our lives.

65. I wonder why everyone doesn't take the time to sit and wonder.