Tuesday, June 21, 2011

iambic pentameter a.k.a. ...

I love my students and appreciate how hard it is to be introduced to something completely new. What we know seems so obvious and we forget how hard it was to learn and remember it in the first place. Nonetheless, some of them have done a good job (inadvertently) of amusing me on their final exams. I put the following question on a "Fill in the Blanks" section on their exam:

"A Shakespearean sonnet has 14 lines and uses the structure of 3 quatrains and a couplet. Each line has a metrical rhythm called _______________________ which describes which syllables are emphasized. Some say it sounds like a heartbeat."

Here are some of the responses I have received:

1. piemeter distress
3. iambonic pentameter (ohhhh, so close!)
4. pantemic diameter
5. rhyme scheme
6. iamic pantameter
7. a beat
8. amtamic pandameter
9. pentemic biometer
10. sonnet
11. samatic pentonamer

Again, I love my students. Mistakes are okay. Learning is a process.

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